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Thank you for your donation and helping to change a young girls life.



Self-Defence Workshop

Your donation will pay for a self-defence lesson with a white ribbon ambassador. So much more than learning vital self-protection technoques, this valuable class also empowers girls to value their personal safety, say no to risky behaviour and surround themselves with respectful relationships.


One off Little Sister counselling session

Trauma takes time to heal. Our girls need a safe adult to talk to. Donation help provide the counselling and welfare support our girls need to heal, grow and thrive, before and after the Big Sisters program ends.


3 Day Residential Bootcamp

Your donation will pay for a Little Sister to attend a 3 day life changing residential camp with her Big sister mentor. Having a Big Sister to support her, to do the activities with her, to cheer her on, is part of creating rich relational experiences for the Little Sisters that are an important part of their healing and growth.


Funding to train a Big Sister mentor

Your donation will enable a Big Sister mentor to attend 30 hours of comprehensive trauma training. This will provide the girls with a safe and positive adult to help change their lives forever.


Health & Nutrition Workshop

We encourage our girls to be independent (even at an early age) and teach them how to take care of their health. Your donation will teach a girl hoe to cook five healthy meals on a tight budget for herself.


Rising Strong Workshop

Many of our Little Sisters have endured or are enduring complex challenges in their lives. Your donation will enable a Little Sister to attend five psychoeducational workshops designed to heal trauma and empower girls to rise above their adversities.


Trapeze for Confidence

New and challenging experiences like trapezing build confidence and self-esteem, and allow Little Sisters to see themselves as courageous, strong and part of a team. Letting them shed the burden of adult responsibilities they carry at home and 'be a kid for a day'.


Trust-Building Rock Climbing

For many Little Sisters this is the very first time they have a safe adult in their lives to trust. It takes time to build trust so your donation will help strengthen the bond between a Big and Little Sister through rock climbing.


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